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Kirkpatrick Model

This learning program showcases my ability to organize effective evaluation strategies. I leverage the scaffolding ability of Articulate Rise to pace the learning modules and embed knowledge checks as the learner progresses through the course. 

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In this course I outline the value of the Kirkpatrick Model in identifying the successes and areas of improvement for any learning program. I guide learners through a self-paced series of slides and audio narration to gain a better understanding of the areas each level of the model targets. Knowledge checks are placed after each video module to test the learner's understanding of each model and how it applies to evaluating the effectiveness of a training program or learning module. Utilizing presentation slides built in Canva and video and editing software from Techsmith (Camtasia and Audiate), I created a user experience that is intuitive and engaging for the learner. Concepts are clear and concise, making knowledge and skills easy for the learner to grasp and implement in their own learning programs. 

KP Outline Screenshot 1.png
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My development process began with an outline that I filled in with the relevant facts about the Kirkpatrick Model. Next, I condensed the information into succinct slides and developed the visual aspects of the presentation in Canva. After writing out my audio script and narrating the presentation in Audiate, I edited the elements in Camtasia. Lastly, I wrote quiz questions for each module, keeping in mind the aspects of the presentation that I wanted learners to come away with. Then I used Articulate Rise to scaffold my video content and quizzes to provide a seamless learning experience for users. 

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