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My Portfolio of Work

Here is a showcase of projects that I am adding to regularly. I aim to display a wide range of multimedia learning solutions that are visually entertaining and engaging. 

Customer Care 101

Can You Maintain Customer Trust in a Busy Pharmacy? 

A scenario-based e-learning designed to bolster customer service through concentrated and repetitive practice assisting customers with prescription notifications. 

Computer screen displaying Concept Project: Customer Care 101

Realtor Safety

Branching Scenario-Based eLearning

In this branching scenario, learners choose their own path based on their own common sense knowledge, measuring their ability to make choices that keep them safe while providing the best customer experience. 

RealtorSafety Thumbnail.png

Vyond Animation 

Tutorial created in Camtasia 2022

In this tutorial, I take the learner through a simple scene setup, including background selection, character animation, and sound adjustments. 

Computer screen displaying Camtasia 2022 video project: Vyond Animation Tutorial

Kirkpatrick Model

Tutorial created in Articulate Rise

In this tutorial, I take the learner through the Four Levels of the Kirkpatrick Model of Evaluation and provide strategies and best practices for its use in a learning program. 

KP Model Thumbnail.png
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