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Tara sits on a stepstone with her Chihuahua, Sampson.

...and the rest is history.

History inspired my love of learning. Breaking down the WHY that motivates action is just as important as when or how. That's what I find so intriguing about the subject. The skills that I developed during my pursuit of a degree in history are also invaluable to instructional design. Analyzing trends and research makes a great learning experience designer. Dovetailing these fields of study has ignited an excitement in me that I am eager to share. 

In the park with my Chihuahua, Sampson. 

"Information doesn't solve problems; action does."

Of all the fascinating instructional design theory I've eagerly consumed, this quote from Cathy Moore's 'Map It' has resonated with me the most.  Problem solving calls for an understanding of why a behavior is occurring or not occurring. It's a call to action; an opportunity to DO, rather than to know. 

Tara sits on a spiral staircase with the book 'Map It' open before her.

I taught history at the high school level for sixteen years. In that span of time, learning design, project management, and continual adjustment of priorities kept me sharp and agile. The key to thriving in this setting was always keeping the learner forefront in my mind. It was essential to understand the audience before tailoring a learning solution for them. Acknowledging the way in which individuals learn has allowed me to surpass learning goals and produce measurable results in the classroom. Adult learners can benefit from the same consideration in job training and corporate learning experiences. This is what inspires my instructional design philosophy. 

Put my skills to work for you. 

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