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Vyond Animation Tutorial

In this tutorial I take the learner through the basics of setting up and animating a scene in Vyond. Here I showcase my video and audio editing capabilities as well as my voiceover narration. 

Computer screen displaying Camtasia 2022 video project: Vyond Animation Tutorial


This tutorial is indented to guide a learner through the initial setup of the Vyond Studio. I instruct the learner on the initial scene selection by showing them the menus for background, props, characters, and sounds. Once we select a background for our pharmacy scene, I show the learner how easy it is to customize the stage by deleting the preloaded characters and adding our own. I guide the learner through the options for sound, including adding narration and background music. Then I show the learner some best practices including how to trim the timeline to match the length of the background music to the narration. I also take the learner through the basic functions of the camera menu. Here we add a camera movement and zoom and pan the camera to follow the character's movements. Finally, I highlight a feature that allows the user to personalize their character's speech by assigning the narration. 

Screen capture of Vyond Tutorial storyboard, page 1.
Screen capture of Vyond Tutorial storyboard , page 2.

I display the ability to edit screen capture recording and annotate it using Camtasia 2022. I also personally narrated the video and edited the audio and included captioning. A storyboard and script were developed before the filming and voice recording in order to organize the project and streamline the creating process. 

Screen capture of Camtasia editing software in action as I edit my Vyond Tutorial.
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